ABLS is an organization devoted to the scientific study of all aspects of the biology of bryophytes and lichen-forming fungi and is one of the nation's oldest botanical organizations.


ABLS Annual General Meeting 2022

ABLS will be meeting with the Botany Conference in Anchorage, AK

July 24-27, 2022

More info can be found here.

Student Research & Travel Awards

Applications are now open for 2022 Student Field Awards!!

To apply to the Anderson & Crum Field Bryology Award, click here.

To apply to the Culberson and Hale Field Lichenology Award, click here.

For more info on the history of these awards, see the awards page.

Announcements about student travel funds will be coming soon!


Lichenology is the study of symbiotic associations between primarily an alga (or cyanobacterium) and a filamentous fungus.

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Bryology is the study of nonvascular plants including mosses, liverworts and hornworts.